About us

  GUANGDONG HINNO-TECH CO.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer of CCL materials and optical materials, and a joint venture established by JIANGMEN YINGJIANG TRADING CO.,LTD. and WELL BRIGHT INTERNATIONAL DAVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. It owns independent production, marketing and development research.
  The installation of plant and equipment was completed on March 2010. Trial production was successful in the end of March. Mass production by order had been done in April.
  We can produce 600,000 meters / month at present, but the production capacity will be to reach 1.8 million meters / month after the second phase installed in the end of this year.
  The main products are high-end products of high performance/cost ratio, such as lead-free, halogen-free and other new technologies etc. The typical products include lead-free Normal Tg, Mid Tg, High Tg and lead-free & halogen-free Mid Tg laminate materials at present.